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Filter solutions by role, platform, and category to find the ones that work for you. Favorite ones you like to easily revisit them on your Favorites page.


Make expert YouTube videos people will watch, love, and share


Reach and engage new players by advertising your game on YouTube. Learn to use the tools that will take your creative to the next level and optimize your campaign.

Get to know the YouTube ecosystem and some of the strategies behind its creative content. Build a media plan to help you reach your audience, hold their attention, and earn their love.

With a full suite of strategies and analytics tools, YouTube ads will help you grow your game’s audience by targeting potential players with great creative.

Ads Data Hub

Join Google ad data with your own data while maintaining end-user privacy

Ads Data Hub

Tailor your marketing measurement approach to your unique business needs. Ads Data Hub enables customized analysis that aligns with your specific business objectives, while respecting user privacy and upholding Google’s high standards of data security.

With Ads Data Hub, you can upload your first-party data into BigQuery and join it with Google event-level ad campaign data. Combining your data with Google event data can unlock insights, improve advertising efficiency, help you achieve data-driven business goals, and yield more effective campaign optimization.

Results from Ads Data Hub are aggregated over a group of users, which allows Google to provide more complete data and still maintain end-user privacy.


Measure the things that uniquely matter to your game


Reimagine analytics for mobile with player insights from acquisition to app usage to help you to make better decisions about your game.

Turn insights into actions by advertising your game to the billions of people that use Search, YouTube, Google Play, and more — finding more engaged and valuable customers for your game.

When you link your AdMob app to Firebase, your Analytics reports incorporate ad metrics and AdMob revenue, giving you a richer view of the Lifetime Value of your players and the performance of your in-game advertising strategy.


Get insights into your audience with YouTube Analytics


Find out who’s watching, what they like to watch, and which videos could make you the most money.

YouTube Analytics is your channel's pulse. Learn how to uncover trends to see what’s working and what's not. Unlock your path to success and grow a healthy channel by understanding your viewers and their behaviors.

Learn about your video reach on YouTube, your audience engagement, who’s watching your channel, and more with YouTube Analytics.

Android Studio

Build high quality games for every Android device


Accelerate your development and build the highest-quality games for every Android device.

Code and iterate faster than ever by pushing code changes to your running game without restarting. Configure builds without limits, with Android Studio providing the flexibility you need to generate APKs for all device types.

Eliminate tiresome tasks with GUI tools that simplify the less interesting parts of game development, so you can create rich and connected games.

Android vitals

Improve your game’s stability by keeping an eye on your core vitals

Google Play

Android Vitals helps improve the stability of your game by logging metrics from crash rate to battery usage and displaying it in one handy dashboard.

Being able to monitor all your core vitals in one place will help you diagnose and fix bad behaviors, making sure your game is performing exactly how you want it to.

The Google Play Store pulls together usage and diagnostics data to create anonymized reports, helping you remove bugs and improve your user experience.

App Check

Protect your APIs from abuse and unathorized access


Protect your backend from abuse with Firebase App Check, which ensures incoming traffic to your APIs is coming from an untampered version of your game on a legitimate device, and blocks traffic that does not have valid credentials.

Reduce the risk of leaderboard hacking, aimbots, illegitimate item unlocks, and other forms of cheating using the combination of app identity and device integrity. Add this additional layer of security with just a few lines of code and protect your Firebase and Google Cloud resources, and even API endpoints on your own custom servers.

App campaigns for engagement

Help players rediscover your game

Google Ads

Reconnect with the players who have installed your game by showing them relevant ads across Google Search, Display, YouTube and more. 

Whether they’ve downloaded your game but never used it, stopped playing, or haven’t made a purchase, App campaigns for engagement helps remind customers to return to your app and take the actions that matter to you.

App campaigns for installs

Find more players that will love your game

Google Ads

Promote your mobile game on Google Search, Play, YouTube, and more. All you need to do is add a few lines of text, some images or videos, and your bid. We’ll do the rest.

Find different types of players for your game with App campaigns. You may want to get installs for a new game or focus on driving in-game actions. Once you choose your goal, our technology will optimize your app ads to reach new players who are likely to take the action you want.

Our systems will test and learn to serve ads that perform the best for you.

App performance reporting

Measure your game's acquisition and retention metrics

Google Play

Once you’ve published a game on Google play, make sure to review metrics on how players find and engage with your game's store listing.

If your game offers in-game products and/or subscriptions, you can view your game’s average revenue per player. You can also look at your overall performance converting players to buyers and repeat buyers by acquisition channel or country.

You can view reports about monetization and conversion rate, to performance by acquisition channel and country. These will provide you with insights about how players find your game’s Play Store listing and how they’re using your game once it’s installed.

Baseline Profiles

Optimize your app performance and improve code execution speed with Baseline Profiles

Google Play

Baseline Profiles improve code execution speed by around 30% from the first launch by avoiding interpretation and just-in-time (JIT) compilation steps for included code paths.

By shipping a Baseline Profile in an app or library, Android Runtime can optimize included code paths through Ahead of Time (AOT) compilation, providing performance enhancements for every new user and on every app update.

Clean Chat

Anti-Toxicity for Games

Google Cloud

Clean Chat is an open source solution to eliminate or mitigate toxic behavior in online multiplayer video games, with the goals of making games more enjoyable and inclusive for all.

In large open multiplayer games, toxicity is rampant. Clean Chat provides the ability to proactively detect toxicity in voice and text chat, and provides scores to game moderation services or player support personnel.

The project provides a globally scalable framework for training, deploying, and maintaining low-latency anti-toxicity models.

Cloud Armor

Protect your sites and games against DDoS and web app layer attacks

Google Cloud

Cloud Armor includes multiple features to protect your workloads at the edge of Google’s network. For example:

Advanced network DDoS protection offers always-on automatic attack detection and mitigation against common volumetric and protocol DDoS attacks (e.g. SYN floods, NTP amplification) targeting external IPs from Network Load Balancing, Protocol Forwarding, or a VM’s Public IPs.

Adaptive Protection uses machine-learning to protect your web applications and services against L7 DDoS attacks (e.g. HTTP floods) and other L7 malicious activity. Cloud Armor also has pre-configured WAF rules to mitigate the OWASP Top 10 risks, and custom WAF rules with rate limiting to best fit your needs.

Cloud Firestore

Store and sync game data at global scale


Store, sync, and query data for your mobile and web games without managing servers with Cloud Firestore.

Build hierarchies to store related data and easily retrieve the information you need using expressive queries. Create collaborative experiences and realtime games by syncing data across devices, on or offline, with strong user-based security.

Powered by Google’s storage infrastructure, Cloud Firestore is built to scale with your business, so you can focus on building your game.

Community Tab

Interact with your viewers beyond video


Reach your viewers without having to make a whole video. With the Community Tab you can give players a deeper look into your games with new content types and interact with your community using lightweight engagement tools.

Build deeper connections with your audience by posting to the Community tab. Share a behind-the-scenes photo or a sneak preview GIF for all audiences to see - whether they’re subscribed or not.

Community posts are a great way to keep your audience coming back for more. Post in between uploads to bring your fans to your channel more frequently from the Home feed, Subs feed, and mobile notifications.


Monitor and fix issues in production


Track, prioritize, and fix stability issues faster with Firebase’s powerful crash reporting.

Synthesize an avalanche of crashes into a manageable list of issues, alongside contextual information and severity, so you can pinpoint the root cause and understand which issues to tackle first. Realtime alerts for new issues, regressed issues, and burgeoning issues that might require immediate attention ensure you never miss a critical crash no matter where you are.

Spend less time triaging and troubleshooting crashes and more time building game features that delight players.

Custom store listings

Create custom store listings to target specific countries

Google Play

With custom store listings, you can tailor your game’s store listing to appeal to specific player segments in countries that you select.

If your game has a global audience, you can use custom store listings to accurately showcase your game’s features and communicate what’s great about your game in ways that are relevant to players in different countries. You can also use custom store listings specifically for your pre-registration campaigns.

For each custom store listing, you can customize your game’s title, icon, descriptions, and graphic assets to make sure your players get the information that’s right for them.

Data Warehousing and Analytics for Games

Uncover meaningful player insights and share data across your organization

Google Cloud

Enhance the experience across the player life cycle from user acquisition to long-term engagement and retention with Google Cloud’s data warehousing and analytics tools.

Ingest, transform, and analyze petabytes of data in real time to better understand your players. Segment your players more accurately, enhance user acquisition ROI, and increase long-term retention.

Improve players’ gaming experience by moving away from rules-based systems and utilizing AI to quickly identify fraudulent bots or cheating human players.  Help players adjust to the difficulty of a new game and extend the life of your old games by introducing features driven by machine learning.

Databases for Games

Minimize complexity and increase reliability by running your back end on a fully managed, scalable, relational database

Google Cloud

Multiplayer global games are changing the game industry as world size and player counts are increasing exponentially.  

Player experiences must be delivered in real time with low latency and players from across different platforms and countries expect a consistent experience.

Unpredictable player demand makes it challenging to plan and mitigate for scale while downtime due to maintenance windows and scale failures represent missed revenue opportunities and may risk the game’s reputation with players.

Google Cloud’s database solutions, like Cloud Spanner, are designed for the unpredictable needs of today’s games and they are enhanced by our global private fiber optic network.

Desktop AVD

Emulate your Android game for large screens using Android Studio with a desktop Android Virtual Device


With the Desktop AVD in Android Studio, Android developers can get a taste of how Android apps function on a desktop, including some unique characteristics of desktops such as freeform window resizing and drag and drop. This enables developers to validate that their app responds accurately to app resize events, renders fine in a landscape mode, and keyboard and mouse input works as expected across the app. We have included a handful of things below you should test with your app on the Desktop AVD.

By validating the app experience on the Desktop AVD, developers can feel confident in providing a superior user experience to users on Chromebooks.

Flutter Casual Games Toolkit

Get your casual, mobile game from idea to launch with Flutter

Flutter Casual Games

The Flutter Casual Game Toolkit is a starter kit of resources, pre-built modules and integrations, community spaces, and credits for Google developer services to help developers get from idea to published multi platform casual game

Game Servers

Deliver seamless multiplayer gaming experiences to a global player base

Google Cloud

Dedicated game servers are needed to deliver great real time gaming experiences but managing global dedicated game server deployments is complex.

Benefit from the flexibility of open source with Agones, the open source orchestrator built by Google on top of Kubernetes, and avoid vendor lock in.

Utilizing Google Kubernetes Engine infrastructure when running Agones, you can simply deploy game server fleets, globally, and run them at blazing-fast clock speeds up to 3.8 Ghz.

Ensure your game servers are close to your players, with Google Cloud's 20 regions, all connected by our high-quality private network with over 100 points of presence across the globe.

Game controls for Android games

Allow users to play touchscreen games on Chromebooks with keyboard controls


Keyboard support is critical for ChromeOS; approximately 90% of ChromeOS users interact with apps using a mouse and keyboard, but many apps from Google Play are only designed with touch interactions in mind.

It’s an especially important problem for games, which often require quick movements or button taps that are difficult or impossible to perform with a mouse.

By translating key presses into simulated touch events, the game controls feature allows players to use their keyboard to interact with on-screen buttons and virtual joysticks, resulting in a vastly improved experience for games with limited or missing keyboard support.


Shorten your game development cycle and create higher quality Android games


GameActivity is a component of the Android Game Development Kit, which is designed to assist Android games in processing app cycle commands, input events, and text input in the application's C/C++ code.

GameActivity offers a number of game-focused improvements over NativeActivity, such as Fragment, rendering to a SurfaceView, and other support for popular game development-related libraries.

GameActivity also uses double buffering in its input buffer, allowing games to better handle high input volume, resulting in a reduction of ANR errors.

Google Maps Platform

Build immersive real-world games with Google Maps Platform

Google Maps

Drive your players to real-world locations all over the world by designing rich and engaging games with Google Maps Platform.

From New York to Tokyo, you can build your game utilizing high-quality data — including information on over 100 million 3D buildings, roads, landmarks, and parks. 

Building on Google Maps infrastructure and servers around the world means faster response times and the ability to scale on demand.

Google Play Billing

Simplify the process of selling digital content in your games

Google Play

Enable buyers across 190+ countries to make simple and secure transactions in your game with their local currency and other regional forms of payment.

Sell digital content in your games, whether in-app products or subscriptions. Google Play handles checkout details so you never have to directly process any financial transactions, and your customers experience a consistent and familiar purchase flow.

The Google Play Billing Library simplifies the development process for billing, allowing you to focus your efforts on implementing logic specific to your game.

Google Play Games on PC

Enable immersive and seamless gameplay sessions between a phone, tablet, Chromebook, and Windows PC

Google Play Games

Google Play Games on PC brings the best of Google Play to more laptops and desktops, enabling immersive and seamless gameplay sessions between a phone, tablet, Chromebook, and Windows PC. Players can easily browse, download, and play their favorite mobile games on their PCs, while taking advantage of larger screens with mouse and keyboard inputs.

Google Play Instant

Let players try an instant version of your game before installing

Google Play

With Google Play Instant, players can tap to try your game without installing it first.

Increase engagement with your Android game and gain more installs by surfacing your instant app across the Play Store, Google Search, social networks, and anywhere you share a link.

Android’s app publishing format, the Android App Bundle, makes it easier than ever to offer a Google Play Instant experience. Starting from the Android Studio 3.3 beta release, you can build and publish one app bundle artifact to Google Play containing both instant and dynamic feature modules. Build instant games easily with Cocos and Unity plug-ins.

Instant play games

Reach 100s of millions of new gamers with instant play

Google Play

Get new players to try your game by publishing an 'Instant play' game in the Play Games app.

The instant play program allows developers of small games to package their full game using Google Play Instant, with support for in-app purchases and ads. Instant play games are featured and promoted to users on the homepage of the Google Play Games app.

Live Events

Reach and engage with gamers in real time


Easily reach and interact with gamers with YouTube Live. Whether you're streaming a major game reveal, hosting a live Q&A or sharing weekly updates, our tools will help you manage your stream and interact with viewers in real time.

With YouTube Live you can connect with new audiences, highlight an important moment, build a deeper connection with your fans, experiment creatively, and much more. 

Engage with your viewers using live chat to see how they’re reacting to what’s happening in your live stream in real time. After a live stream has ended, you can create highlight clips to scale your content further.


Maximize your ad revenue by serving ads from multiple sources


Setup, manage, and optimize multiple mobile ad networks with just one Software Development Kit (SDK) integration. 

Grow your revenue by working with multiple advertising sources to create competition for your ad inventory. Make sure you get the best value for every impression by prioritizing your advertising sources using historical revenue data.

Fill your ad requests from anywhere in the world using AdMob, one of the largest global ad networks to amplify lasting game revenue.

Play Games Services

Enable seamless sign-in and multi-device cloud saves with Google Play Games Services

Google Play

Use the Google Play Console to manage games services and configure metadata for authorizing and authenticating your game.

Use analytics to understand how players are progressing, spending, and churning in your game and drive player retention by capturing metrics and feedback that can improve your game. 

Easily update your game metadata with the Google Play games services Management API, and automate your game production and distribution tasks with the Google Play games services Publishing API.

Play Install Referrer Library

Securely retrieve referral content from Google Play using the Play Install Referrer Library

Google Play

Use the Google Play Store's Install Referrer API to securely retreive referral content from Google Play. The Play Install Referrer is written in Java programming language and is a wrapper for the Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL) file that defines the interface to the Install Referrer service. You can use the Play Install Referrer API Client Library to simplify your developement process

Play Integrity API

Protect your apps and games from risky and fraudulent interactions

Google Play

Protect your apps and games from potentially risky and fraudulent interactions with the Play Integrity API. The Play Integrity API provides a signed and encypted response that allows you to determine whether you're interacting with your unmodified binary that Google recognizes. Within the tool, genuine Play install you to determine whether the current user account is licensed. Finally, Play Integrity API tells you whether your app is running on a genuine Android device powered by Google Play sercives.

Playable Locations API

Place gameplay in the real world

Google Maps

Easily access real-world geographic points for your location-based games, bringing your players’ experience to life. 

The Playable Locations API serves collections of curated and generated geographic points (playable locations). Each playable location is chosen based on its suitability for use in location-based games as spawn points for things like repair depots and game prizes.

Playable locations may be situated near points of interest, such as sidewalks, parks, playgrounds, town squares, and other publicly accessible areas.

Pre-launch reports

Use automated tests on real devices to identify problems in your game

Google Play

Use pre-launch reports, Firebase features, and Android vitals to improve your game. 

Pre-launch reports uses automated tests on real devices to identify layout issues, provide crash diagnostics, locate security vulnerabilities, and more. Identifying where your game has problems will ensure you're presenting the highest quality possible to players at launch. 

By correcting any issues quickly, you may be able to reverse negative reviews — particularly if you respond to let users know you’ve fixed the issue. You'll also provide a better experience for new users, which should lead to better ratings and reviews.


Capture pre-launch demand with a pre-registration campaign

Google Play

Capture early consumer interest and accelerate launch performance with a pre-registration campaign on Google Play.

Pre-launch marketing helps drive awareness and build anticipation for your game before launch. Once pre-registration is turned on, your store listing becomes searchable on the Play Store where players can learn about and pre-register for your game before launch. 

Drive marketing efforts before you launch to build anticipation—this can lead to accelerated installs at launch.


Route, manipulate, observe and secure UDP Game Server communicatons.

Google Cloud

Quilkin on open source is a non-transparent UDP proxy specifically designed for use with large scale multiplayer dedicated game servers deployments, to ensure security, access control, telemetry data, metrics and more.

It is designed to be used behind game clients as well as in front of dedicated game servers.

Quilkin's aim is to pull the above functionality out of bespoke, monolithic dedicated game servers and clients, and provide standard, composable modules that can be reused across a wide set of multiplayer games, so that game developers can instead focus on their game specific aspects of building a multiplayer game.

Remote Config

Dynamically control, change, and optimize your game


Dynamically update the behavior and appearance of your game to drive the outcomes you want - without releasing a new version.

Tweak the onboarding flow for a certain segment to increase sign-ups, test the frequency and placement of ads to grow revenue, or slowly roll out new features to boost engagement right from the Firebase console.

With Remote Config's personalizaiton feature, you can harness the power of machine learning to automatically find and apply the best game configuration to maximize objectives on an individual player level.

Rewarded ads

Increase ad revenue and player retention with player-first ads


Give your players the choice to watch an ad in exchange for in-app rewards. Users can play games, take surveys, or watch videos to earn in-app rewards, such as coins, extra lives, or points.

Increase ad revenue, player retention, and even boost your in-app purchases with rewarded ads. Players will receive the reward for interacting with the ad without needing to install anything.

Strike the right balance between monetization and user experience with rewarded ads, one of the most popular ad formats in the game industry.


Build augmented reality experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds


Transform the way people play, shop, learn, create, and experience the world together—at Google scale.

Use different APIs to enable your phone to sense its environment, understand the world and interact with information. Some of the APIs are available across Android and iOS to enable shared AR experiences.

To integrate virtual content with the real world as seen through your phone’s camera, ARCore uses three key capabilities: motion tracking, environmental understanding, and light estimation. With these capabilities you can build entirely new AR experiences or enhance existing apps with AR features.

Staged rollouts

Release game updates with confidence with staged rollouts

Google Play

Use staged rollouts in the Google Play Console to release a game update to production and test tracks with confidence. 

Reach a percentage of your players with a staged rollout, allowing you to monitor your crash reports and player feedback. Over time, you can increase the percentage of players that receive your update until you’re ready to release to all.

New and existing users are eligible to receive updates from staged rollouts and are chosen at random for each new release, giving you a varied test group.

Store listing experiments

Convert more visits to installs with store listing experiments

Google Play

Get more installs by using store listing experiments to find the best icon, images, video, and descriptions for your game on Google Play.

A/B test changes to your store listing on subsets of your players so that you can make changes, backed by data, that lead to more installs and retention.

Store listing experiment performance metrics are reported hourly, so you can quickly apply the best variant and iterate to confirm and improve your findings.

Subscription APIs

Add subscription-specific features to your game

Google Play

Sell subscriptions through Google Play Billing to provide players with access to content and features on an ongoing basis.

Get the tools and actionable intelligence to grow your subscription games with Google Play's subscription platform. You can quickly and easily get set up with Google Play Billing providing access to customizable subscription options and management features to help you attract and retain more customers. 

Google Play handles the checkout details so your players will get a familiar, reliable, and secure experience—and your game never has to process financial transactions.

Systrace tool

Capture device activity to identify how to improve your game’s performance


Better understand how your game is performing on Android by generating system reports, which you can send to your development team directly from your test device.

Capture performance-related bugs in your game, like slow startup, slow transitions, or UI jank. Easily record difficult to reproduce bugs by leaving Systems Tracing running in the background.

Share collected traces with your team without having to connect a device to your development machine — just use the messaging app of your choice.

Test Lab

Test in the lab, not on players


Validate your game before publishing by running it on physical and virtual devices that simulate actual usage environments.

You can run tests without writing any code. Our intelligent crawler, Robo, can spot errors before players see them. 

Comprehensive test reports at your fingertips will give you actionable insights so your game is in a stable state before it’s released.

Testing tracks

Get the feedback you need to make improvements to your game before its full release

Google Play

Use testing tracks to get invaluable early feedback from players. Release early versions of your game for internal testing, or to trusted players for closed and open testing. 

Testing your game gives you the opportunity to fix any technical or user experience issues with minimal user impact, so you can release the best version of your game to most players. 

You can run internal tests concurrently for different versions of your game and feedback from external tests won't affect your game's public rating.


Create, launch, and operate your game with the Unity game development platform for mobile


Create Android games for players around the world with the Unity Mobile Games Development Platform. Look for Android and Play Games Services plugins to help make your Android development even easier.


Developing games for the Android platform


Unreal is a pure C++ engine designed for high performance. Their complete suite of development tools is made for anyone working with real-time technology.

Voided purchases API

Create a more balanced and fair experience for all of your players

Google Play

Implement a revocation system to prevent players from accessing products from orders associated with voided purchases.

Strengthen your strategy to address undesired behavior in your game with the Voided Purchases API. It provides a list of orders that are associated with purchases that a player has voided, helping you to provide a fair experience for all your players.

Keep your players in mind when designing your revocation policies and strategies—there are many reasons to void a purchase and that there is no single solution that works in all cases.

A/B Testing

Optimize your game experience through experimentation


Intelligently grow your game with Firebase A/B Testing making it easy to run, analyze, and scale product and marketing experiments.

Customize experiments to suit your unique needs. You determine what elements you want to test, which players to target, what parameters to put in place, and how many variants to include.

Test changes to your game’s UI, features, or messaging campaigns to see if they’re actually achieving your business goals. This gives you the knowledge you need to only roll out changes that drive real results.

Ad Formats

Choose the right kind of ads for your game.


Choose the way your ads look, and where they appear in your game to create a customized experience for your players.

Stay in full control of the process while millions of advertisers compete for your ad space. Maximize your earnings by using the right combination of ad formats to seamlessly integrate into your game. 

Earn even more while enhancing your players’ experience with ads from rich media to video to interactive. Whatever suits your game.

Android App Signing

Code sign Android games for integrity checking

Google Play

Manage and store your game's signing key securely, with protection for you if your key is ever lost or compromised.

With app signing by Google Play, Google manages and protects your game's signing key and uses it to sign your APKs for distribution. It’s a secure and protected way to store your game signing key.

When you use app signing by Google Play, your keys are kept on the same infrastructure that Google uses to store its own keys.

Android GPU Inspector

See where your game might be running into issues rendering its UI


Improve performance for your players by checking if your game is doing more rendering work than necessary.

Prevent overdraw — when your game draws the same pixel more than once within the same frame — with Android GPU Profiler. This will help debug your game’s rendering issues for a smoother, buffer-free player experience.

By reviewing a visual representation of how much time it takes to render the frames of a UI window, you can identify and reduce overdraw.

Android Studio CPU Sampling Profiler

Provide a faster and smoother user experience by optimizing your game’s CPU usage


Optimize your game’s CPU usage to provide a faster and smoother user experience.

Use the CPU Profiler to inspect your game’s CPU usage and thread activity in real time while interacting with your game. Or, inspect the details in recorded method traces, function traces, and system traces. 

Help your players get more game time by preserving their battery life with regular reviews of your CPU activity.


Easily sign-in and authenticate players


Sign-in players using any platform with Firebase Authentication. It supports email and passwords, phone authentication, Facebook, Google, Twitter, GitHub login, and more. 

Out-of-the-box, you get a secure, end-to-end identity solution. Drop it into your game and customize however you need.

Building and maintaining your own authentication system can take months, but Firebase Authentication can be set up in under 10 lines of code and still handle complex cases like account merging.


Make sure your branded content reaches the right audience and inspires action


Tell your brand story with influencer marketing made easy on FameBit, YouTube’s branded content platform.

With FameBit you can launch a campaign for free, receive proposals from interested influencers and easily track the metrics that matter all in one place.

This self-service influencer marketing allows you to set the budget that’s right for you, select the right creators for your brand, and get the content you need to drive views, likes, and engagement.

Frame Pacing API

Achieve smooth rendering and a steady framerate on Android


Maintain correct frame pacing and low input latency to avoid stuttering in your game’s graphics.

Profile your game for debugging using the Frame Pacing library. Automatically select swap intervals and deactivate pipelining for ultra-fast frames for optimal input-screen latency.

Choose the refresh rate that best matches the rendering duration of your game’s frames, giving your players a better visual experience.

Game Pages

Refresh your game's key art to maintain a strong brand presence across YouTube


Discover new YouTube gaming content on the Gaming homepage. Explore top live games, top live streams, trending gaming videos, and the latest videos from your subscriptions.

Game pages are auto-generated hubs of user generated content about a single game. Your official content is automatically populated alongside recommended content in categories such as Live, Trending, Let’s Play, and more. 

You can find links to game pages in many places across YouTube including below the video description of any gaming video, on the Gaming homepage), and in YouTube search results.

Open Match

Flexible and Scalable Matchmaking for your Game

Google Cloud

Building and scaling a matchmaker for each game can be time-consuming and costly. Leverage the simplicity, scalability, and reusability of Google Cloud’s open source framework while maintaining control of your match logic.

Co-founded by Unity and Google Cloud, Open Match is an open source, Kubernetes-backed project that lets you standardize on an industrial-strength matchmaker framework while still giving you full customization and control of your match logic.

Play Protect

Keep devices and data safe with on-device services

Google Play

Constantly improve your game’s functionality. With on-device services that integrate with cloud-based components, Google can push updates to help keep devices and data safe.

Protect your players from potentially harmful applications with lightweight, daily, automatic scanning. This allows Google Play Protect to respond quickly to a detected threat, reducing how long players could be exposed to the threat and how many devices may be affected.

Google Play Protect leverages cloud-based app-verification services to determine if apps are Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs). Google Play Protect scans Android devices for evidence of PHAs.


Build hype and engagement around key moments using YouTube Premieres


YouTube Premieres is a new way for you to debut pre-recorded videos as a live moment, much like a movie or TV show premiere. Premieres gives you a launch moment on YouTube with no extra work. 

Engage with your community in real-time, easily promote your newest game announcement, and create a buzz around a shareable watch page with Premieres. During the Premiere, you and your audience can interact in comments, live chat, and if enabled, Super Chat. Premieres’ live chat is a great way for you to provide your audience with real-time commentary, trivia, and insight on your content in a non-intrusive manner.


Protect your game from spam and malicious traffic


Use an advanced risk analysis engine to protect your game from spam and other abusive actions. 

Prevent bots from interacting with your game by serving a CAPTCHA when the service suspects that the user interacting with your game might be a bot instead of a human. 

The reCAPTCHA API works by collecting hardware and software information, such as device and application data and the results of integrity checks, and sending that data to Google for analysis.


Store and serve content with ease


Easily store and serve player-generated content, such as photos and videos, with Cloud Storage for Firebase. 

Effortlessly grow from prototype to production. Save your players time and bandwidth by automatically pausing and resuming your transfers as the game loses and regains mobile connectivity.

Through an integration with Firebase Authentication, you can use our declarative security model to control access and keep data safe.

User and Conversion Modeling

Understand how people use your game, so you can improve their experience

Google Analytics

Get fast answers to questions about your analytics data to uncover insights about how your game is performing.

Better understand the player journey and meet your business objectives by measuring your game data with Google Analytics. You can access, organize and visualize your data and easily share the insights across your team with a variety of reporting tools. 

Analytics is designed to work seamlessly with other Google solutions and partner products, saving your time, increasing efficiency, and helping you reach the right customers.

Smart Segmentation

Unlock new revenue by monetizing players who are unlikely to spend in your game


Maximize the total revenue and the lifetime value of your game by monetizing the majority of your players who aren’t spending.

Automatically segment players into predicted spenders and non-spenders. Then, only show ads to the non-spenders. Purchasing players will see no ads and can continue playing.