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Get insights into your audience with YouTube Analytics


Find out who’s watching, what they like to watch, and which videos could make you the most money.

YouTube Analytics is your channel's pulse. Learn how to uncover trends to see what’s working and what's not. Unlock your path to success and grow a healthy channel by understanding your viewers and their behaviors.

Learn about your video reach on YouTube, your audience engagement, who’s watching your channel, and more with YouTube Analytics.

Community Tab

Interact with your viewers beyond video


Reach your viewers without having to make a whole video. With the Community Tab you can give players a deeper look into your games with new content types and interact with your community using lightweight engagement tools.

Build deeper connections with your audience by posting to the Community tab. Share a behind-the-scenes photo or a sneak preview GIF for all audiences to see - whether they’re subscribed or not.

Community posts are a great way to keep your audience coming back for more. Post in between uploads to bring your fans to your channel more frequently from the Home feed, Subs feed, and mobile notifications.

Live Events

Reach and engage with gamers in real time


Easily reach and interact with gamers with YouTube Live. Whether you're streaming a major game reveal, hosting a live Q&A or sharing weekly updates, our tools will help you manage your stream and interact with viewers in real time.

With YouTube Live you can connect with new audiences, highlight an important moment, build a deeper connection with your fans, experiment creatively, and much more. 

Engage with your viewers using live chat to see how they’re reacting to what’s happening in your live stream in real time. After a live stream has ended, you can create highlight clips to scale your content further.

Pre-launch reports

Use automated tests on real devices to identify problems in your game

Google Play

Use pre-launch reports, Firebase features, and Android vitals to improve your game. 

Pre-launch reports uses automated tests on real devices to identify layout issues, provide crash diagnostics, locate security vulnerabilities, and more. Identifying where your game has problems will ensure you're presenting the highest quality possible to players at launch. 

By correcting any issues quickly, you may be able to reverse negative reviews — particularly if you respond to let users know you’ve fixed the issue. You'll also provide a better experience for new users, which should lead to better ratings and reviews.


Capture pre-launch demand with a pre-registration campaign

Google Play

Capture early consumer interest and accelerate launch performance with a pre-registration campaign on Google Play.

Pre-launch marketing helps drive awareness and build anticipation for your game before launch. Once pre-registration is turned on, your store listing becomes searchable on the Play Store where players can learn about and pre-register for your game before launch. 

Drive marketing efforts before you launch to build anticipation—this can lead to accelerated installs at launch.

Staged rollouts

Release game updates with confidence with staged rollouts

Google Play

Use staged rollouts in the Google Play Console to release a game update to production and test tracks with confidence. 

Reach a percentage of your players with a staged rollout, allowing you to monitor your crash reports and player feedback. Over time, you can increase the percentage of players that receive your update until you’re ready to release to all.

New and existing users are eligible to receive updates from staged rollouts and are chosen at random for each new release, giving you a varied test group.


Make sure your branded content reaches the right audience and inspires action


Tell your brand story with influencer marketing made easy on FameBit, YouTube’s branded content platform.

With FameBit you can launch a campaign for free, receive proposals from interested influencers and easily track the metrics that matter all in one place.

This self-service influencer marketing allows you to set the budget that’s right for you, select the right creators for your brand, and get the content you need to drive views, likes, and engagement.

Game Pages

Refresh your game's key art to maintain a strong brand presence across YouTube


Discover new YouTube gaming content on the Gaming homepage. Explore top live games, top live streams, trending gaming videos, and the latest videos from your subscriptions.

Game pages are auto-generated hubs of user generated content about a single game. Your official content is automatically populated alongside recommended content in categories such as Live, Trending, Let’s Play, and more. 

You can find links to game pages in many places across YouTube including below the video description of any gaming video, on the Gaming homepage), and in YouTube search results.

Play Protect

Keep devices and data safe with on-device services

Google Play

Constantly improve your game’s functionality. With on-device services that integrate with cloud-based components, Google can push updates to help keep devices and data safe.

Protect your players from potentially harmful applications with lightweight, daily, automatic scanning. This allows Google Play Protect to respond quickly to a detected threat, reducing how long players could be exposed to the threat and how many devices may be affected.

Google Play Protect leverages cloud-based app-verification services to determine if apps are Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs). Google Play Protect scans Android devices for evidence of PHAs.


Build hype and engagement around key moments using YouTube Premieres


YouTube Premieres is a new way for you to debut pre-recorded videos as a live moment, much like a movie or TV show premiere. Premieres gives you a launch moment on YouTube with no extra work. 

Engage with your community in real-time, easily promote your newest game announcement, and create a buzz around a shareable watch page with Premieres. During the Premiere, you and your audience can interact in comments, live chat, and if enabled, Super Chat. Premieres’ live chat is a great way for you to provide your audience with real-time commentary, trivia, and insight on your content in a non-intrusive manner.


Protect your game from spam and malicious traffic


Use an advanced risk analysis engine to protect your game from spam and other abusive actions. 

Prevent bots from interacting with your game by serving a CAPTCHA when the service suspects that the user interacting with your game might be a bot instead of a human. 

The reCAPTCHA API works by collecting hardware and software information, such as device and application data and the results of integrity checks, and sending that data to Google for analysis.

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