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Measure the things that uniquely matter to your game


Reimagine analytics for mobile with player insights from acquisition to app usage to help you to make better decisions about your game.

Turn insights into actions by advertising your game to the billions of people that use Search, YouTube, Google Play, and more — finding more engaged and valuable customers for your game.

When you link your AdMob app to Firebase, your Analytics reports incorporate ad metrics and AdMob revenue, giving you a richer view of the Lifetime Value of your players and the performance of your in-game advertising strategy.

Cloud Armor

Protect your sites and games against DDoS and web app layer attacks

Google Cloud

Cloud Armor includes multiple features to protect your workloads at the edge of Google’s network. For example:

Advanced network DDoS protection offers always-on automatic attack detection and mitigation against common volumetric and protocol DDoS attacks (e.g. SYN floods, NTP amplification) targeting external IPs from Network Load Balancing, Protocol Forwarding, or a VM’s Public IPs.

Adaptive Protection uses machine-learning to protect your web applications and services against L7 DDoS attacks (e.g. HTTP floods) and other L7 malicious activity. Cloud Armor also has pre-configured WAF rules to mitigate the OWASP Top 10 risks, and custom WAF rules with rate limiting to best fit your needs.

Data Warehousing and Analytics for Games

Uncover meaningful player insights and share data across your organization

Google Cloud

Enhance the experience across the player life cycle from user acquisition to long-term engagement and retention with Google Cloud’s data warehousing and analytics tools.

Ingest, transform, and analyze petabytes of data in real time to better understand your players. Segment your players more accurately, enhance user acquisition ROI, and increase long-term retention.

Improve players’ gaming experience by moving away from rules-based systems and utilizing AI to quickly identify fraudulent bots or cheating human players.  Help players adjust to the difficulty of a new game and extend the life of your old games by introducing features driven by machine learning.

Databases for Games

Minimize complexity and increase reliability by running your back end on a fully managed, scalable, relational database

Google Cloud

Multiplayer global games are changing the game industry as world size and player counts are increasing exponentially.  

Player experiences must be delivered in real time with low latency and players from across different platforms and countries expect a consistent experience.

Unpredictable player demand makes it challenging to plan and mitigate for scale while downtime due to maintenance windows and scale failures represent missed revenue opportunities and may risk the game’s reputation with players.

Google Cloud’s database solutions, like Cloud Spanner, are designed for the unpredictable needs of today’s games and they are enhanced by our global private fiber optic network.

Game Servers

Deliver seamless multiplayer gaming experiences to a global player base

Google Cloud

Dedicated game servers are needed to deliver great real time gaming experiences but managing global dedicated game server deployments is complex.

Benefit from the flexibility of open source with Agones, the open source orchestrator built by Google on top of Kubernetes, and avoid vendor lock in.

Utilizing Google Kubernetes Engine infrastructure when running Agones, you can simply deploy game server fleets, globally, and run them at blazing-fast clock speeds up to 3.8 Ghz.

Ensure your game servers are close to your players, with Google Cloud's 20 regions, all connected by our high-quality private network with over 100 points of presence across the globe.


Route, manipulate, observe and secure UDP Game Server communicatons.

Google Cloud

Quilkin on open source is a non-transparent UDP proxy specifically designed for use with large scale multiplayer dedicated game servers deployments, to ensure security, access control, telemetry data, metrics and more.

It is designed to be used behind game clients as well as in front of dedicated game servers.

Quilkin's aim is to pull the above functionality out of bespoke, monolithic dedicated game servers and clients, and provide standard, composable modules that can be reused across a wide set of multiplayer games, so that game developers can instead focus on their game specific aspects of building a multiplayer game.

Systrace tool

Capture device activity to identify how to improve your game’s performance


Better understand how your game is performing on Android by generating system reports, which you can send to your development team directly from your test device.

Capture performance-related bugs in your game, like slow startup, slow transitions, or UI jank. Easily record difficult to reproduce bugs by leaving Systems Tracing running in the background.

Share collected traces with your team without having to connect a device to your development machine — just use the messaging app of your choice.

Open Match

Flexible and Scalable Matchmaking for your Game

Google Cloud

Building and scaling a matchmaker for each game can be time-consuming and costly. Leverage the simplicity, scalability, and reusability of Google Cloud’s open source framework while maintaining control of your match logic.

Co-founded by Unity and Google Cloud, Open Match is an open source, Kubernetes-backed project that lets you standardize on an industrial-strength matchmaker framework while still giving you full customization and control of your match logic.

User and Conversion Modeling

Understand how people use your game, so you can improve their experience

Google Analytics

Get fast answers to questions about your analytics data to uncover insights about how your game is performing.

Better understand the player journey and meet your business objectives by measuring your game data with Google Analytics. You can access, organize and visualize your data and easily share the insights across your team with a variety of reporting tools. 

Analytics is designed to work seamlessly with other Google solutions and partner products, saving your time, increasing efficiency, and helping you reach the right customers.

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